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The main 8 sliders are always available to the all sounds engines that you recall, depend only IF the sound engine is enalbe to receive this midi CC.
This first 8 MAIN slider, have the CC controller fixed on the code.

IF you need more slider controllers, for each sound engine you have also another 36 realtime CC controller, just press the MS key: MIXER and will display a lot of sliders.
With the key: 8-16, 9-32 you can switch goup.

This all CC controllers sliders are also available to the external Midi OUT expander, you can use the ASIO PATCH 9-0, that work only for the 2 external midi Outs.

IF you dont like the 36 CC controller assigned, open your Presets folder and locate the file: midictrl.

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Well, just as an entertainment until the next video arrives.... If you need more sliders, knobs and buttons you don't need to wait for Dom to design a new MS hardware, you can simply connect the unexpensive NanoKontrol or NanoPad from Korg for example (as many as you need) via Usb and you can control whatever you want even other Usb devices connected to the MS.
Since I discovered I could use the MS's Usb ports to connect all my keyboards and controllers I only have to turn on the MS, the powered monitors and the arrangers. That's a great step forward for me, I don't need to start my PC and open two programs to run the connections among the Usb ports. The use of USB controllers like the Nanos only work via a computer except when you use the MS.

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