Hi Diki.

Glad it is in the hands of someone that can make good music (mind, you, it is strange it never was before

AS for getting my hands on one before, I did play one a few years back. Domenico doesn't know this but he has meet me in Germany at the Musik Messe in 2006. He actually gave me a quick little demo but I never introduced myself because I was out there with KORG at the time.

I took many pictures too. I think there's some online............. ok found one.

If anyone wants to browse the other photos I took that day CLICK HERE . There's a few nice DJ photos

I don't honestly think there was any 'secret club'. Everyone that had one here posted music by it. Just all excruciatingly bad

lol... Your mean
It begs the question though how is that even possible. Just booting the keyboard up and jumping to the first sound in Linux sampler sounds fantastic.

It sounds from your description that you don't really intend to use it as an arranger, though, or am I reading you wrong? I hope so, because all I ever wanted to hear was someone make this thing live up to its' potential as an arranger. Still, anything will be good.

Unfortunately having to call singers is unavoidable So yes, it will be used to back singers, but I won't be singing to the arranger functions.

When I'm singing it will be streaming audio and running VSTi's as well as Giga files.