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One thing I need to figure out at a later point though is how to stop the keyboard defaulting back to the default velocity curve when I shut it down. When I bootup right now, I have to select my velocity curve settings on the screen.

Hi James. Since you are talking about this subject would you please check when you have some time if the Velocity Curve affects external keyboards or sound modules connected via Midi out? I use the MS to play own sounds and as a controller for external keyboards simultaneously. Everytime I turn on the MS I open the Jack connection Kit go to the Midi tab and link "keyboard out" to "Midi out". The velocity curve from the MS does not affect the external sound (you will probably not found the same links in your OS).I also tried to create a permanent Midi out connection using the "patchbay" so I don't have to do this manually every time but only works for a short time. After a few minutes playing it stops the connection and I get notes stuck forcing me to restart the player or the MS. When I use button Nš 9 or 0 which use midi out (ch 1 or 2 respectively) the MS keyboard becomes a controller only (can't play own sounds). For me it's very important to adjust the velocity curve because I can't control well the my PSR's SA voices since the velocity sensititivity is too soft.

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