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Hi all.

This thread shot up so fast with more replies in a very short space of time and this morning it was down to 10 in the list dropping fast, the only interest now is the size of the cooling fan, funny old World hey! What is the real size of the market for the MS, is it worth all the fuss and trouble, is it better to just buy a T3 and let someone else do all the work and just accept the styles and sounds, at least you don't need to worry about a copyright trial and there is no fan in the T3, it doesnít produce that much heat, itís more sustainable, less power outage. You know we all appear to be worried about how the people we play to, will they notice the difference in the new KB, if they say the performance was brilliant and the KB sounds fantastic how they would know when even we canít make up our minds. I heard James on the MS playing a bagpipe sample and there is no doubt, the Audya bagpipe sample doesnít sound anything like that, how much was the sample to buy and how many times will we use it. I played the Audya sample to my 9 yrs old granddaughter on Saturday and said what instrument was that and she said a bagpipe, she didnít say a cheap crappy one. I am beginning to question what we are striving for, we will see this week on the Audya, it will either be a complete letdown or a nice surprise, or just another day at the office. I think this is a case of whoís got the fastest and classiest looking car. Most of us are tone deaf and we donít know it, and most playing to audiences that are tone deaf, we are asking them how it sounded to them, would you ask a blind man to drive you home!
Just my thoughts for the week, BTW the more a look at the wiring inside that MS the more I think I will stay away, it looks like a loose connection nightmare and the photos so far only show ĺ of the keyboard, I do like the wooden supports.

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We all are wayting for more information from JAmes, espescially on the styles part and the Vst part of the mediastation.

Please go fight your war somewhere else.
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