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Open keyboards are never finished, they are constantly evolving, and after a few years can be totally different from the original.



I know and understand the different between Audya and MS, and I also understand that MS is a platform on which to build, using styles and samples that someone else has produced and you buy from them or copy from a source which may or may not come at you for an infringement of copyright. The latter I doubt would happen even if copying material produced by others was copy protected, especially across country boundaries. For example, I was in Russia in 1999 and you could go on Sunday to the down town Moscow DVD market and buy any music DVD and software DVD for a £1.00. Now just imagine Ketron trying to get into Russia to sue a MS owner for copying their styles, have you ever tried to get into Russia even for a holiday.
Bill you state, ďOpen keyboards are never finished, they are constantly evolving, and after a few years can be totally different from the originalĒ.
I totally agree, but where I beg to differ is the companies selling products that have problem with the basic software, products which are pushed out through the door with insufficient testing, mainly but not only because the companies doing this are two small and lack financial resources to hold their products back until they are deemed fit for purpose. There is a good reason for them not doing this and this is embedded in USB 1 on Audya, work it out yourself. (Timeline - best bet future proofing)
Now Bill, someone earlier said that Yamaha lets KBs out on the market place and they are subsequently found to have bugs or hardware problems. Who would you rather have to send you new KB back to for repair, Yamaha, Ketron, Liontracs, Roland or Korg, this is a no brainer so donít answer it, but itís not a loaded question. I have thrown the box away for my Ketron. It was much too big to put through the roof hatch.
A good practice is to wait for about 2 years after the original release of a KB and then buy one, but Oh Boy what fun you will miss, no pain no gain, that reminds me I must take my 5 a day tables, they keep me vertical during the day!
Bill, if you do wait two years we and a few others will have paid for you to have a fully functional KB free of bugs or will it be, you see every time software is updated, there is more chance of introducing bug on bug.
As far as a few members of SZ and only a few they have waited 1 yr for your Audya and I have no doubt it will be right within the next year, before it is totally superseded, I think they call this progress.
Bill what board do you have?

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