Hi Dennis.

I will and always will be upfront and totally honest. I will not hide any truths and I certainly won't hold back if I find any issues I deem unacceptable. I have never done so in the past and that will never change in the future regardless of what company it is. Just ask KORG. I've stood on my soap box on KORG Forums many times in my years, and I own the place so my voice is a little louder than most.

In short, I cannot be bought out, and I will never hide the truth.

So with that said, in total the Mediastation cost me 315 Euro. It's a B-Stock Mediastation which Domenico gave to me for free, but between hardware upgrades I wanted and the shipping to Ireland it cost me 315 Euro.

I would also like to point out that I'm not under any terms and conditions to do anything for Lionstracs with the Meidastation. I have not been asked to do anything with it by Domenico as part of any agreement in getting the keyboard.

The reason why I will record demos and videos is for a number of reasons. For far too long it's been very difficult to get clear information on now things work or hear demo's the way people needed to hear them. It was even almost like a secret club where owners of the Mediastation wouldn't share any information at all and Lionstracs demo's in my opinion didn't answer the questions I had as a musician. Now that I have one I can help by communicating as a musician to fellow musicians.

Meaning, I'm not going to show people the screen flicking mad through different VSTi's and pages, I'm going to play the keyboard and record it's output digitally as to me it needs to be a musical instrument first and a seamless PC second.

I know you had issues in the past with your one. I was all over those threads myself moaning and saying that things were unacceptable, but like with anything, if Lionstracs can get things in order then all can be forgiven. Right now I'm on Ketrons back over their OS4.0 for example. Soon they will have the Audya at a point where it should have been on it's release date and then we move on. For Lionstracs I think it's much the same situation. From what I gather the problems you had where OS released and they had something to do with the Video board. The new OS and a replacement video board would solve all that now from what I gather.

Which might explain why I haven't noticed anything odd yet. The unit I have is running on the new OS4.0 and I assume the graphics card was replaced out as well as the fact that I've got the latest motherboard, faster CPU and double the ram. So in a way it's closer to the speed of the Groove X6 I'd imagine. Probably even the same PC parts.

Hope that makes my position crystal clear for everyone.