Abacus you are a true gent thanks for the email and the conversion. Everyone else thanks also for the link to VLC.

Those that want to turn this thread into another dog fight please stop !!!

We are getting some useful information in a way that was never available before because of Dom's foolish and persistant stubborness. Despite this, James is kindly doing dom's job for him and i for one would love to simply see what the machine can do . We can then comment about what we have heard and seen later. Where is the sense in crowing now when all james has done is demonstrate a few functions on the machine that frankly speaking it had always been the expectation it would and should do ?

Some people actually want to buy this instrument but only after really close scrutiny. Some of that cautiousness would have served some of the members here well before purchasing the keybaord that shall not be named by me in this thread :-).

Lighten up folks and let James show us whats hot and whats not about the MS please ?