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Hi all.
Time for another video.

04 Arranger Intro
This is a very basic introduction to the arranger mode. A Ketron style is loaded and then optimised to sound good on the Mediastation. A short performance is then played. All keyboards are general midi compatible so to a point all styles loaded will automatically map to the GM Giga library within the Mediastation so in this case all I need to worry about was the balance.
Click to Download 366MB

In the next arranger video I'll show how to optimise a Styles that requires the sounds to be changed. It's a very quick process.


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So its nice and easy to get a reasonable sounding style and everyone can do it.

Can't wayt till we get to hear some killer Styles that outshine the other standard TOTL arrangers.

Stil wondering what Q-ranger can do for the arranger community.
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