Hi Tony
Once you have heard and tried the quality of VST instruments (Or even Akai samples) hardware boards just don't cut it, (Your always dissatisfied knowing that there is something cheaper and far better sounding out there) I have been using VST since the late 90s (All this latest SA & DNC was available in VST almost 10 years ago, with the latest ones designed specifically for live play sounding really excellent) and the only reason I moved from a computer based system to a combined system, (Wersi Abacus) was because it gets rid of all the cables, and now sits comfortably in the lounge. (Before everything had to be in a separate room)
You will find all the connectors are self locking, and you will have no more problems then the connectors in your hardware board dropping out.
English Riviera:
Live entertainment, Real Ale, Great Scenery, Great Beaches, why would anyone want to live anywhere else (I�m definitely staying put).