Originally posted by Tony Hughes:
There’s a few people on SZ gone rather silent James, wonder why and dare I say it it’s half the price of the …………………….

The reason is we already know all of this stuff Tony... I had no issues with mine with ANY of the Giga sounds (a doddle) VST sounds ( a bit more tricky) and combis.

All pretty straightforward stuff really.

Its the opertaiional side that let it down for me. Simple things like the MP3 player crashing because the mp3 had tags..Dom never ever got back to me about why that was (that was the built in player, 3rd party players like VLC et al, had no problem), even though I sent him samples.

I assume that has now been fixed, but it still IS the Studio 64 linux distro Lionstracs uses, as far as I can tell. So maybe it is or isn't. A normal mp3 was fine, but onece it had tags , no go!

I am waiting for the more in depth operational aspects, and how solid the udnerlying Linux distro is, just as onle a couple of things. There are more but I am going to wait without saying much.

A trait you may need to learn waiting without saying much..