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I've never known Domenic to not be accessible to all Mediastation owners or even those who weren't owners but had questions about the product. Considering he's the CEO of the company and access to his e-mail and contact information is so readily available, I have to wonder why you'd make a statement implying that James would get better support than others. When's the last time you had the CEO of Roland, Korg, Yamaha, or any other manufacturer respond to you?

totally agree with you.

For exsample:

users and non-usera have asked for software options, which they quickly got.

I hope james let people know how easy this system works. The system is sometimes much easier than other arrangers. only you must learn to work with.

james you can even create your own GM2/GS sound bank with your own giga format sounds.

so, if you are oriental user, you can make it oriental with GM2/GS soundbank, and if you are west, you can make it west, if you do not like GM2/GS sounds, just replace them with new one or create totally new GM2/GS soundbank.

soon linuxsampler wil support SFZ soundfonts to.