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As a MS owner I want to say the following:
1) Thanks James for trying the new OS 4 (4.1). I need to know if, in this newer OS, most bugs were repaired. I decided not to spend a penny on this keyboard until I know as a fact that the system is finally stable. You all should know that for older owners upgrading the MS is not for free: OS 4/4.1= 190 euros; new PCI Express VGA LVDS= 130 euros; plus new motherboard, micro and RAM (prices vary according the country). For me more than Us$ 650. For sure this will have to be done regularly (every 1 or 2 years). Unfortunately those who bought the MS while it was in an “experimental” stage are forced to spend that money to “upgrade” the unit. Not fair (yes, I know, I had a special discount for mine)
2) I am not impressed by the demos yet. Excellent sound but that’s expected from any VST or Giga sound.
3) There is a longer learning curve in open keyboards and you never stop learning. Some people faster some people slower BUT you ALWAYS make mistakes and the keyboard is not supposed to crash easily. James, please tell us how many times you had to reboot the MS so far.
4) A last opinion. As an arranger I think the regular user will NEVER succeed to create a better style than the big brands unless you bring to your studio the Yamaha/Roland/Korg team. Tell me how to recreate or program the Mega voices or Korg guitar voices.

Remember I play for fun and my mother language is not English so be polite if you don’t agree.



Your English is perfect, when I looked at the demos of MS I stopped looking at the MS, but I can see the sense in buying a MS, but lock ups and crashing no thanks Audya had enough of that. People need to know before they buy and I am sure James will tell us all if his KB locks up and he needs to reboot. I was thinking of buying one but you have frightened me off for a while I don't think there are many MS out there yet perhaps a lot lot less than Audya, I think all these Italian KB designers were trained at the same place , crashes and lock ups, updates after the KB released, all sounds the same to me. If you are going to sell KB in numbers you need a good demonstrator, Yamaha have the best and lots of them, they make their KB sound great? Some of the Youtube of Ketron Portugal player who just walk in off the street to play the Audya are good too, I don’t know what Dom was thinking of letting that guy in the shorts play his KB, he wasn’t thinking of increasing sales with it. Victor if you have told the truth there is nothing wrong with that, this is what SZ is all about, if someone asked my advice about buying an Audya I would say wait until it is finished, now that could be never, perhaps you would say the same about MS. Please tell us all you know good and bad, the MS does look good topside, it looks hellishly messy wiring inside and there’s a lot of PCB, plug sockets and connections to go wrong.

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