Hi Diki.

James, I have ALWAYS acknowledged the MS's capability to play first call VSTi's and GIGA libraries. My criticism of the MS was never based on its' ability to make great sounds, but on its' ability (or rather, the lack of it in its' users) to integrate all those different sounds into one gestalt that rivaled the balance and ease of use of a traditional TOTL closed arranger. Please don't misquote me...

I don't feel I've misquoted you, but hey, it's not important. I'd rather push on than spend time arguing over something that at the end of the day doesn't really matter.

Most of what we HAVE heard from user demos on the MS has been them connecting to the included GM/GS GIGA library, using the included styles. It certainly hasn't blown anyone away yet, me included. I am still primarily waiting for when you decide to tackle the arranger engine and add-ons, and try to achieve better than TOTL closed accompaniment (we can take it for a given that lead RH sounds are going to be a light year ahead of closed keyboards) from this keyboard.

I'm going gigging with this keyboard so there are 3 functions I wanted to test in full first before I touched the arranger which were Giga Sounds, COMBI mode and the Media Player. To be honest though I'm happy to skip a head at this point because I know all 3 systems work and that one bug I found in COMBI mode Domenico already knows the cause, so it's not a concern. He's guys will be on it, and I have a workaround that will tie me over for a little while as I practice my songs.

So... I'll just record a video on the Arranger mode. This one will be basic, just a quick intro, selecting a style that was untouched and getting the balances right. A mode detailed one will come after that.

It's uploading right now, so I'll post a link in a few minutes..

I have said, almost from the beginning, that we were discussing a high level VSTi WS on an ARRANGER forum, and have never dissed its' abilities as a well integrated virtual studio. But the degree of integration to achieve TOTL closed arranger balance and quality of MUSICAL integration, and the level of expertize AND effort to do that when it isn't included OOTB is what I, and I believe a large number of members, am interested in. Although the VSTi and GIGA integration is well beyond what I can do in the studio with computers, I am still able to deliver what I want to do with what I have. But it still seems that even YOU, with your very advanced knowledge of these things can easily be confused by little 'gotchas' and easily misunderstood aspects of operation. And if YOU can get confused, what do you think 99% of those here will be?

As with any new technology there is a learning curve but to just not even try understand it is a dangerous thing. That's why we all know people who have problems even operating something as simple as a mobile phone.