SAdly there are no demo's of the Eder swing available... I have learned from Helmut at that he will put some demo's up with his stuff very soon.

I also learned from Helmut that there would be a GRoove X-7 with 76 keys and only measuring 106 cm comming in April or soon there after...

Now how about a Groove X-7 Red Extreme. That sounds really tasty.

Can anyone explain the difference between a MEdiastation X-76 Pro and a GRoove X-7? they would have the same functionallity right?

So does this mean the Mediastation will not be build anymore and its replaced by the Groove? (which should be essentially the same instrument except for the collor)

And one more Question for James, how is the keybed of your mediastation ? Does the Groove have the same keybed quallity?
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