Open keyboards are never finished, they are constantly evolving, and after a few years can be totally different from the original.

Here is the development of OAS from its launch in 2000 till 2005 and since then even more features have been added.

A similar evolving process occurs with hardware boards; however you have to buy a complete new board to obtain the updated features.

Users of a Ketron SD1 have to buy a new Audya to get all that it offers, whereas in an open keyboard you just have to buy the new software (Many software updates are free) to give you all the latest features and sounds.

Those that like open keyboards, usually like to use what they want, NOT what the manufactures says they can have.
Those that like closed keyboards are usually happy to accept the same features, sounds etc. as every other user of that board.

You buy the keyboard that suits your style, not somebody elses. (Try before you buy)

If you dont know where to buy a keyboard from, contact the manufacture for details.


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