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Hi Vargo
This external USB features are available from the last OS update, after we have included the new Jack MP ( multi processor)and Rui have also included the drivers for the USB device.

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Dom: I was telling you that I POSITIVELY CAN connect other Usb keyboards to the MS and I DON'T need to load any drivers from the keyboard manufacturer. And remember I am using OS 2.8. I've been able to make very complex connections amon other devices connected via Usb to my MS. For example I connected the Korg Pa500 to the PSR (to control midi clock) and viceversa to play the Korg's drums from the PSR. At the same time I connected the M Audio controller to the Pa500, Psr and Korg TR. Also the NanoKontrol to the PSR and finally the MS Keyboard Out to the PSR. Everything works fine and I can even make more connections.
I will think about upgrading the hardware only when I decide to use the arranger part of the MS. So far I can use the Mp3, Giga, Vsti, Pads etc.

So far the biggest problem I have is I don't know how to map the VSTi's sounds in the MS VST Sound Banks. For example if I open Edirol Orchestra VSTi I have to select the different sounds from the main screen of the VSTi. Remember older OS didn't have the ASIO loaded. I hope James sometime can make a video or explain how to do this in the same way he did with the Giga sounds.

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