Hi AFG Music

I hope james let people know how easy this system works. The system is sometimes much easier than other arrangers. only you must learn to work with.

I think it's safe to say it's a bit of both really. There is a steep learning curve as it's an entirely different concept to a closed keyboard, plus it can do infinitely more things. Once you start dropping things into place though it does become ridiculously easy to recall anything you have previously setup.

Which is what I had hoped for. It's fine being able to load what you want into it, but when your gigging you don't want to have to see any of those things. You just want to press a button and have them recalled and routed to the keys, which thankfully is how it works.

It's quite amusing actually to flip through Giga Files as if they are just ROM sounds on a closed keyboard.

It's still very early days yet though. I won't really get to test the system until I get OS 4.1 installed and my own software running on it. That said, I have noticed one odd thing so far that I will have to investigate further. I created a layered COMBI sound with piano on my right hand and strings on my left. While in EDIT mode setting up everything the keyboard performed as expected. However when I saved and exited, the Strings was gone form my left hand and had been replaced with a Piano sound even though it still listed the Strings on the screen. Entering back into EDIT mode and I could hear the sounds performing normally again. Exiting again and I had the piano back on the left hand. I then left the system and when I came back the COMBI sound had corrected itself. So, that's something I will be trying to replicate. Don't know if it's me doing something stupid or the keyboard.