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imagine if someone connect 1 or two or more of these controllers with usb cabel to MS/Groove:


yes , true
I have one client that have buy 3 Roland PCR-800.
The MS is used on bottom as master keyboard with the all sound system.
1 PCR-800 Jack connect to the B4 ASIO host as second manual.
1 PCR-800 Jack connect to ASIO Host 1= Superwave P8
1 PCR-800 Jack connect to ASIO Host 4= NI Massive.

In realtime you can continue use the full features of the MS OS as a Master system, but PLUS the other 3 PCR controller for always play realtime the others engines!

This is the Open System, you buy only 1 keyboard and you wil use like you have 4 keybsoards!
Each PCR-800 is like a embedded Synth.
Is really fun, simple to use/connection ( only 1 USB cable) and at the end COST less!