Originally posted by AFG Music:
here can you see inside MS Expanded PRO:

and here inside Groove-RED Extreme:

the video are made by domenico himself

well...this is my OWN upgraded Groove Extreme: http://www.lionstracs.com/demo/Raidgroove.JPG
RAID SATA HD, 2X 1Tb, Double fast booting and for loading BIG library.
Expaned to the max possible with the K10N78: 16Gb RAM : http://www.lionstracs.com/store/images/groove/16gbRam.jpg
CPU Quad core AMD Phenom II X4-965, 4X3400Mhz

THIS is a PC power system with LOW latency, close the 0ms! http://www.lionstracs.com/store/images/groove/groovequad.jpg

Anyway James, enjoy now your MS and let me see some pictures when you go gig live!