Hi ensnareyou, welcome back too
is not true, they have some right too.
Old OS 3.0 had many Kernel issue and the serial midi bug that some time will not load the midi hardware interface.
This was happen on the new MS with the new mainboard 64bit, like the K10N78 with PCIexpress.
This new generation mainboards are to much fast for manage the old 32bit OS 3.0, based on the OLD ubuntu 8.04 ( 6 years aold)
The MS with the old mainboard, they dont have this serial midi bugs and also they can running 3 External display.

Now from OS 4.0 all is changed, the Kubuntu 9.10 is developed for 64bit mainboard ( NOT work at all for the OLD MS with the 32bit mainboards)
New low latecy kernel 2.6.31RT that support 64Gb RAM and all serial midi drivers.
From OS 4.0 the system running always up and play the al sounds from first booting and also every time you will restart the MS application.
here the probe: http://www.lionstracs.com/store/images/groove/groovequad.jpg
the system is running and play from 4.38 hours, 0Ms latency and only 1 xruns with multiple asio host running.

My own RED extreme is running 24hours at days, because my developers compile and testing new features. http://www.lionstracs.com/store/images/2010/raid/Raidgroove.JPG
You can see now how to complex and compact system under one 61 keys:
Quad core, raid system, 16Gb Ram..the max that is possible under AMD CPU.
Of course we have bugs too, but consider also how much is compex our MS embedded software and how many others application ( + windows applications) we have to continue control under the panel in realtime...
when you running 10 ASIO host, sampler, synth, DSP, players...are more than 36 midi PORTS to controls and the system is ready to running more than 700/1000 voices..

Some note:
Vargo: the OS 4.0/4.1 is for FREE download, for the all MS that have the PCIexpress VGA, I can NOT posting 0 euro or everybody start to download and they dont need at all. Is just for leave more free bandwich on our server.

Fran: download the OS 4.1 is for free now, I have removed the 10 euro server FEE..i saw that many clients will not pay the 10 euro too and someone continue stressing me...
On GFTP server you have also the new Live Arranger V2 and some styles, download and copy it on Presets folder ( need OS 4.1 or will not work)

Anyway we continue work here and the OS wil never stop in updates.
Maybe in the next 10 days is available for FREE the first external TFT display too, then the big upgrade Xorg server can drive up to 4 external display.
step by step...we can not make miracle..