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on some giga sounds this controolers are working, depend IF the giga sound was developed with this filters too.
On gigastudio you have to assing each midi CC funcions to the relative desidered control.
98% of the gigalibrary sounds included are made with the Extreme sample converter.
the sounds developer just adjust the loops and some basic CC.
Try to copy one complete giga sounds with the all controllers and then you can see that are working.
No my fault this time...

Ok, I understand.

So you have the 4 sliders locked down and named as doing very specific functions, jet they don't connect in anyway to those functions in the Linux Playback Sampler software driving the sound.

It depends on the giga files to tell the playback sampler what to do when the sliders are moved.

So in short, even though slider 1 is called Cutoff, it could easily be Attack if the Giga file uses attack on that CC number. Man that's confusing. Why name the sliders in the first place if that's the case. Why not just list them as real time controls and name them by their CC number.

My V-Machine gives me direct access to the ADSR of the playback sampler which is the way I'd expect any system to work.


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