Hi vagro.

1) Thanks James for trying the new OS 4 (4.1). I need to know if, in this newer OS, most bugs were repaired. I decided not to spend a penny on this keyboard until I know as a fact that the system is finally stable. You all should know that for older owners upgrading the MS is not for free: OS 4/4.1= 190 euros; new PCI Express VGA LVDS= 130 euros; plus new motherboard, micro and RAM (prices vary according the country). For me more than Us$ 650. For sure this will have to be done regularly (every 1 or 2 years). Unfortunately those who bought the MS while it was in an “experimental” stage are forced to spend that money to “upgrade” the unit. Not fair (yes, I know, I had a special discount for mine)

Then I hope what I'm doing will answer your questions in time as I get to each system. The way I'm doing this people can see that I'm not just scratching the surface, I'm using the features for everything they offer so if there are cracks in the system, they will be found.

So far I've posted information / video's on one system and I can tell you that this function works flawlessly.

2) I am not impressed by the demos yet. Excellent sound but that’s expected from any VST or Giga sound.

Ok, but just bear in mind that you expected the Giga sounds to sound excellent only because you already own a Mediastation. Most people reading and watching the video's would never have access to sounds like that at all on their closed keybards.

I know, it's easy to take things like this for granted on the Mediastation because it does run them effortlessly, but remember it's impossible for any other keyboard to do this.

3) There is a longer learning curve in open keyboards and you never stop learning. Some people faster some people slower BUT you ALWAYS make mistakes and the keyboard is not supposed to crash easily. James, please tell us how many times you had to reboot the MS so far.

For crashes 0 because it has never crashed.

For losing sound on the selected HOST, maybe 5 or 6 times but this is limited to the HOST and only caused by me turn off and on the RUN option of the HOST. I haven't really bothered to even look at the problem yet because I know how to avoid it. So when I stop the host from running maybe I'm suppoed to do something else when I run it again, or maybe there is a bug here.

I don't know yet because I haven't bothered trying to find out as it's not that important and it only happens when I stop the host and try run it again. It does not effect any other system.

4) A last opinion. As an arranger I think the regular user will NEVER succeed to create a better style than the big brands unless you bring to your studio the Yamaha/Roland/Korg team. Tell me how to recreate or program the Mega voices or Korg guitar voices.

Can't really comment on that yet because I haven't even played a style on it yet. All I can say is from what I understand, nobody is expected to create styles. That why it loads Yamaha and Ketron format.

If selecting new sounds for each part of the style is much the same on the Meidastation as a KORG, then it should be dead easy to al this.

We will see though.


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