Well the bad news is that the guitar , and the horns and the organ(to a lesser extent ) did not sound very good compared to most TOTL closed systems. Especially the Horns and guitar in that blues demo. But the drums sounded excellent. Very live. I can understand why they dominated the the style in the funk demo because the rest of the style/sounds were actually quite poor.

Programming realistic sounding horns is actually quite difficult in arranger style especially when the horns are sounding as you change chord. Its practically impossible with poor samples like what i just heard.

I really wanted to like these demos and i know i will be booed from here to kingdom come but they dont cut it to my ears. I am only being honest . If it was meant to denonstrate how much better giga samples should sound on the MS then Dom really should think again about this. listen to this blues style from the Korg Pa http://www.korgpa.com/pa_root/en/products/pa2x_demo.html?en

Go down to the styles section and listen to the blues style. Or click on the funk R&B style and listen to the drums bass but especially the horns. Does the demo Dom just posted for the world to hear even compare ??

I will reserve judgement until James has done a couple of style converted improvements on the MS.

I am not being overly negative, just saying what i heard.