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Dom, my frustration is with Tony, nothing to do with my G70 (which I am still happily playing... got two of them now!), or the MS or anything else you would care to make up

It just boils down to having to listen to Tony and leezone play tagteam on the Audya for the last few months. Perhaps you ought to talk to THEM about their frustration? Mind you, talk them into an MS, and be prepared for the same treatment...


If Dom has done his homework, market research, debugging, got all his OSsss up to date he has nothing to fear from Leezone or me. There has never been a problem with me or Leezone we just want things to be right, we want a fair deal, we know we both bang on a bit but, hang on, who doesn't! I look in the mirror every morning and think WOW what a handsome lad I am for 66, and all those girls in the past. What do you say to the mirror in a morning Diki, "I'll go on SZ and see what Leezone and Tone's got for me today". I'm off to the day job now Diki, you take care, take no notice of me it's just my age, that my excuse! Diki there are other people with Audyas who are frankly well p***d off with Ketron but don't bitch on SZ because they know they are going to get attacked, all they have done is part with their hard earned cash, it's that simple, itís not a joke ,itís £4200, just say it slowly, it even sounds worse in dollars. I am afraid you and me see things differently and you will always come to the wire and sometimes you will jump on it, Iím not doing that, I will see everybodyís point of view and accept it right or wrongly, live and let live, I do know distinctively when something isnít right!

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