Hi all.
Nothing much to share just yet, just two photo's.

I got it at 5pm today so I've only had a few hours so far just playing around with it. Mainly all I'm doing is just navigating my way around, loading and trying out the sounds, giga files, VSTi's and so on. So basically I'm not up to much with it just yet, purely just taking my time and exploring the system.

This is going to be my gigging machine, so lots of work to be done. I need to get my sounds and plug-ins installed. I'm also going to be streaming audio so it will be interesting to see how all this ties in. Basically I want the sound of my entire Studio with me while I'm gigging so I will be sequencing everything in the Studio and dumping it off as Audio Tracks to stream on the night with the Mediastation. I'll then play over those with Giga sounds or VSTi's.

Just did some basic testing on this tonight and the Media Players are dead easy to operate. So much so I can't see myself needing to crosfade to the second media player. I would probably just use one because you can cue up the next song in the media player while the first one is playing. Pressing play it jump straight to the song.

It's actually faster than using Sequenced data on the night which is what I've always done. Plus there's no sequencer memory limitation so I can have my entire nights performance on the screen in alphabetical order.

Anyway.... if anyone wants me to report on something just shout. I'll obviously post audio and video as time goes by, but if there's anything you want to know, ask away.