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The Arranger section is no longer a priority for the MS as it is being promoted as a workstation.

The QArranger is still available if you wish to create your own styles, or convert Midi files to styles. (If I read it correctly, unlike a normal arranger the QArranger has 16 tracks rather then 8, and multiple parts so that those that want multiple Fills, Intros, variations etc. can do so)

All other arranger functions will require the optional Livetyler software which provides all the easy play functions people crave. (Just remember that it uses generic sounds, so some work will be required to bring the style up to personal preference)

wrong, with qranger you have

-unlimated midi and audio tracks.

-32 chords separately programmable (for every chord you can create midi+audio tracks with different sounds. but if you record only Major chord, qranger calculates the other chords automatically when you play live.

-32 marker pointers (every marker point can have own bpm-and beat/measure. this is option asked by me)

-8 intro-8 variation-8 fill in-8end

-you can conect it with MS synth or other external Asio VST on MS.

-you do not have to slice audio loops, you can set the right bpm with zplane elastique pro.

-you can put every audio loop you want in more then one track(not only one track for audio or drums loops on style like korg.)

-you can edit the style midi events+controller+changes to.

-you can see the notes that you have recorded on clip editor.

-and more.............

contain some of you think that no pro musicians use this product. now I think not, because not every one wants to write forum messages. There are pro musicians who have only one site or no site, but perhaps they have good songs arranged, as you know the song but not the arranger of the song. For example,do you know the creators of your supposedly pro styles in your keyboard?

not only the members here on from are pro.

You have many talents that you have not even heard the name.

it is not work of MS / Groove users to prove that this product is best for their work. go and purchase one MS / Groove and see whether they are right or not and if this product is good for you. I think after james experience you wil feel at least a bit that you were wrong all the time with your comments at MS / Groove and MS/GRoove users.

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