Hi Tony.

Good luck with it, if you wanted to buy one in the UK where would you get one from.

No idea really. You would probably need to buy it online before seeing it which is always a hard decision to make. I've had to do that myself for as long as I've been playing keyboards. You don't get fancy music shops here in Ireland you know. Thomann pretty much screwed up all the stores here as they couldn't compete with Thomann prices.

I called a few friends myself last night just to let them know I have it so they are all dropping out to the Studio Thursday night. This is kind of how we have to do it here. Once someone gets something new, the invitation goes out to all the public performing keyboard players in my City.

It's real nice that we are all so close actually.

James which Asrock motherboard are they using, chip and memory.

The CPU is a dual core AMD II X240 2.8ghz. Mother board is a K10N78, and I have no idea what make the RAM is. I would have to open her up to see that and I don't fancy doing that just yet. I do have 4GB though.

Speed wise it's lighten fast. Jumping between desktops even when lots of things are running does not seem to slow down the system at all. I probably won't be really be able to put it under pressure until I get my own sample libraries up and running on it.

Some of my personal giga files contain many layers and be well over the 1GB file size mark, so it will be interesting to see them running on the system later because on bootup it loads a GM/GS library of Giga files and flipping through them is not a all much different from a standard closed keyboard working off the ROM.

I'm not loading any of my own data just yet because I have OS4.0 installed and 4.1 is available. So the second I upgrade to that, then I will be loading on all my own software and sounds. Not that there is anything wrong with what it comes with, it's just that I've got some very good libraries.

My favourite being Symphony Of Voices by Eric Persng, and second favourite being World Winds by Dirk Campbell.