PS, I am also waiting for the final OS 10.0 with no bugs that surely will require a faster CPU and a new PCi Don't tell this to Dom

The only way that will ever happen though is if a list is made between us end users.

From all the systems I tested so far the only things I've found are as follows......
1: COMBI mode defaulting to Piano sound.
2: Default settings not loading on bootup for Velocity Curve and Effects.
3: Loss of Midi Data being sent to the VST HOST when you access certain menus or features. For example, starting and stopping the HOST RUN.
4: The sounds displayed in Live Arranger are not applicable to what sounds are on the Mediastation so many don't actually change anything.
5: Qranger chokes when you slow down the tempo while it's playing back a midi tracks. You have to stop and start it, or adjust the tempo while it's stopped for it to work.

And the workarounds for theses.....
1: Pressing the COMBI mode button can correct your sound while it's selected.
2: You have to manually load the defaults when you bootup.
3: Don't stop and start the hosts, there's really no need.
4: There's no workaround for this one.
5: Don't slow down Qranger while it's playing. Stop it, adjust your tempo and start it again.

All in all it's a pretty mind blowing keyboard and considering the vast amount of options available, OS 4.1 is just a hair away from being finished. (Based on what systems I've tested so far).