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Reread my post. I simply say that a soundSET (note the capitals) is what eludes the open community. Because Yamaha (or any other closed arranger) design the styles AND the sounds, there is an integration that eludes translated styles through piecemeal soundsets. I NEVER have dissed the basic quality of individual sounds. But run a hundred different styles, translated from several different sources through a soundset that is piecemealed together from a dozen different sources, and you get the 'open' sound. Spectacular at times, and spectacularly BAD at times. For all closed arrangers' blandness, consistency is NOT one of their problems. If you are a harried working professional, having to sit there and babysit each and every one of your hundreds if not thousands of styles to ensure that they play back consistently may take more of your time than you have to give...

And James, once again, you simply invent meaning where none is written. I am NOT taking any kind of a dig at you, everyone appreciates your openness about what you are doing. We're just jealous, that's all However, you DON'T see this process going on publicly with the majors, for all their inevitable buggy nature, if you take the long history of the MS, it's a far cry from the odd issue that slips out past Yamaha or Korg's sentinels.

I'm also curious to see what your attitude is, if you decide to release anything that ISN'T free in the way of sounds or styles. Are you going to be as blasť about the issue of piracy when it's YOUR hard work that is stolen? I sincerely hope so.

BTW, KetronAJ has left me hanging in the wind, but he and I emailed privately on the issue (he contacted me), and he assured me that Ketron's styles are as rigorously copyrighted as Yamaha's are. I guess he's waiting for their lawyers to word a response on this forum in the correct terms.

All I have been trying to point out is that, because they involve audio data, they are a snap to prove in court what they are, and that yes, while all of us trade styles around like bubblegum cards, if anyone involves the use of a style of Ketron's with audio data in it in a commercial release that has any economic success, should Ketron decide to go after a piece of your action, it would be a simple process to succeed in court.

But dial down the paranoia a bit, James. I was completely serious about my offer. I would be only TOO happy to have one of these things, and if I could assist with beta testing, again, it would be my honor...

All I have ever tried to do in my long history of posting about the MS is introduce a little sense of reality to the fanboy enthusiastic gushing about this amazing product that, while it DOES solve several very thorny issues in regard to sound quality and flexibility for arranger and WS user alike, it also introduces problems that you DON'T have to deal with with a more traditional closed keyboard. Problems that few open keyboard enthusiasts are willing to talk about... Nothing more, honestly!

And Dom.... take a look at Tony's last couple of posts. You'd REALLY sell an MS to that guy? Are you INSANE? I'm beginning to believe he is...

do you think if no good beta testers tried MS O.S, MS had been stable and now used by James?

there were even beta users, who report daily to domenico by e-mail. there is even in his office 24 hours a MS connected to the Internet. step by step, programmers are making the O.S better and better. Therefore, is the developments of MS/Groove O.S fast. open source community helps each other free, every day to create a software better and stable for normal end user. remember Domenico besides open source community, has also paid programmers.He also makes donations to many open source community to make the O.S for lionstracs products better and better. He asked people what they expect new O.S. patience was what he expected from people to make what they asked.