SAdly there are no demo's of the Eder swing available... I have learned from Helmut at Tastenpoint.at that he will put some demo's up with his stuff very soon..

Helmut gave me some styles to test, I have upload on server and soon James can test and record video too.

I also learned from Helmut that there would be a GRoove X-7 with 76 keys and only measuring 106 cm comming in April or soon there after...

True, end april i receive the new production of Groove X-6 and the new Groove X-7

Now how about a Groove X-7 Red Extreme. That sounds really tasty.

Can anyone explain the difference between a MEdiastation X-76 Pro and a GRoove X-7? they would have the same functionallity right?On the Groove keyboards are installed the Fatar TP/9 keys, no so heavy and Pro as the TP8/SK of the Mediastation.
On groove is not possible install the PRO expansion boards for 20 Audio IN and 20 audio outs.
OS remain the same for the two models.

[QUOTE]ASo does this mean the Mediastation will not be build anymore and its replaced by the Groove? (which should be essentially the same instrument except for the collor)

Before summer I will release the NEW Mediastation models, new Case, NEW hardware and new OS only for the mediastation.
Give a BIG new hardware surprise...

Maybe I have a nice idea...
We can open a new Topic with a POOL...WHO guess 100% what for new hardware specification I will include on new Mediastation V2.. can WIN for FREE the first Pcs on stock.
Can be interesting?