Diki, I think you totally missed the point of what he was saying.

With any end users community comes free files and the collective efforts of everyone are combined in one way or another. It's a simple fact of how things work.

I've already optimised a few Ketron styles that have interested me. Now that this work is done, nobody else has to do it if I share what I've done.

Your opinions on sharing styles....well... that's your opinion. You call it piracy yet you do it yourself.

As for sound, well I'm a sound desinger. Go to KORG forums and check out the Triton Section. Vast majorty of sound in there were created by me and given away for free.

Same goes for all the content. It's free. Who's to say that if a group of Mediastation users got to gether that the same won't happen ? Fact is it will, and I will be developing free and commercial sounds for the keyboard.

I believe Karo are also going to do the same.

And one last comment... What has Dom's beta testing been like, when James is reporting issue after issue in his MS?

Your obviously not following the two conversation at all. I've only found two confirmed bugs in all my time with it so far.

And, to kick things off, Dom, send ME a 300 MS and I will be only TOO happy to beta test it for you!

Is that meant to be a dig at me being bribed or something ? I told you and everyone else on this forum that I would be totally honest in reporting my findings good or bad, and that I could not be bought out. I'm not under any obligation to do anything for Domenico or anyone else here. The keyboard is mine to do with as I like. I could have taken it and posted nothing.

Fact is I'm true to my word. The mere fact that you know how much I paid for the Shipping and hardware upgrade just reinforced the fact that I'm not hiding anything and that I have been totally up front on all issues.

This is your first time getting to see real information posted on the forum and proper dialogue both ways between an end user and a developer asking serious questions. Plus you get to see it and hear the keyboard properly in the process which is something you have been asking for as long as I can remember.

So give me some credit man, I'm helping you out here too by doing all this you know.

Just sit back and enjoy getting to know the keyboard for the first time in detail. I'm far from done here and soon as I'm over my cold you will even hear me doing full performances on it as well as singing.


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