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ok, you are right,

but if you have the new O.S you can connect also this controllers to 8 asio host for example.

or for exsample connect one midi usb controler for everything. what you do in O.S 2.8 has now more options from O.S 3.0 but O.S 4 is the best O.S for this becouse of new qjack.

Sooner or later I will upgrade the OS, I know myself but it's not easy for me. I have to import the PCI Express VGA and probably the Asrock mainboard (I only find an ASUS compatible here) and buy the micro. I also know I won't create or modify any style because I don't have neither time nor patience and I enjoy more playing than editing stuff. I use a 5% or less than the MS can offer me and I already spent Us$ 3800 with the Psr s900 and the MS.

PS, I am also waiting for the final OS 10.0 with no bugs that surely will require a faster CPU and a new PCi Don't tell this to Dom

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