Some answers here:

Tony: thanks for your comments. I am offering my view as a regular player that may help others like me.

Fran: I think I didnít use the correct word: my MS used to ďlock upĒ (not crash) almost every time I played it with OS 3.0. My CPU was an Athlon AMD single core 3200+ and 1GB RAM and usually I had to turn it on twice because it didnít load all the drivers on the first attempt. Instead of upgrading all the PC components I downgraded to OS2.8 only adding 2GB RAM and it kept very stable ever since but only using very basic stuff like MP3 player, Giga sounds and some VSTi manually from the screen (I donít know how to add VSTi sounds to the regular MS panel yet). From previous experiences I prefer not to modify anything as it has already been set because Iím afraid the whole MS will stop working and now it is an important part of my organ console. So far Iíve been waiting for a newer OS and a neutral reviewer as I think James is in order to start thinking about a hardware upgrade.

Esnareyou: my statement you quoted was very clear:
2) I am not impressed by the demos yet. Excellent sound but thatís expected from any VST or Giga sound.

Everyone knows Giga sound and VSTis are miles away in superiority than conventional closed arranger sounds. No one, that I remember, ever said in this forum the MS had a bad quality sound. As a MS owner whoís not been able to use it as an arranger I expect to listen and watch a video demo using together all the features you describe (ďplay back VST's, do synthesis, sampling, multitrack recording, and do much moreĒ) and styles. James has done an outstanding job learning to load Giga sounds (in one day!) and the video has an excellent audio but he will need a couple of weeks more to learn the rest and show the most important features. Wow! Those human voices are incredibly good but, from my viewpoint as a MS user, just playing some Giga voices does not show much about this instrument yet.

Dom: good from your part explaining those bugs on previous OS. I suppose the PCI express VGA is not installed in my MS. Is it only available from Lionstracs or are there generic compatible ones I can buy in any computer store? Good news for me if I get the OS4.1 for free.

James: Thanks a lot for your reply. I was about to send mine when I found your answer but I will post it anyway.
Great! There are no crashes and lock ups while you are learning and the risk is increased.
You are right, my opinion of the video is biased because I own a MS an that is what I tried to explain to Esnareyou. Keep your good work on this. You should know how important it is for everyone here.


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