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Let James learning deeph the MS OS and then i'm sure that will demostrate some amazing.
I have upload on the GFTP server some new Audio styles made from Tastenpoint.at with qranger, with the all Real Audio drums.
You can download it and testing on your MS too, seem like that you will play the Audya styles..
In two weeks Helmut learn how to programming with qranger and now is some hours can develope a new Audio style from scratch.

If james can do the same and use the 16-32 patterns system is the same way like the Oasys, but here no limits of audio-midi tracks.
I have patience...
Just for your know, I'm not always here to reading your all post, because soon we will open a new company and building,for a totally new differents products ( no MI, someone there already know what I prepare.. )
So..my time now is shared for TWO company.

I'd love to hear those new audio styles, but can't find the demo's anywhere, maybe someone could provide a link
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