In response to the complicated setup,
I think that no keyboard on the market sounds great out of the box. Any keyboard requires setting up and tweaking, especially if you don't play western music. If anything, the MS makes it look much easier and more attractive than compared to other arrangers. Since we all spend so much time handeling files and using a computer, wouldn't it make more sense that a system modeled after a PC has a smaller learning curve?

If I could afford the MS right now, I would forget about Korg, Roland, Yamaha and their highly overpriced pyle of plastic, metal and 3rd grade sounds. Heck, who needs over 100 drum kits, 50 guitars, 40 bases etc. In most cases these sounds are just variations with slightly changed effects and filters. Instead, why not provide a few high quality realistic sounds with editing and modeling options. I guess they just have to milk the profits from sounds created 10 years ago.