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I really hope that this thread continues on its "exploratory" path. Its been a long time coming !!!!! I do not know about you, but the first thing on my mind when I get on the Computer, is to see how James is making out with this.

My hope is that James will not lose his passion or perseverance, while doing this.

I guess it all boils down to James finding "bugs" or "abnormalities", duplicating them at will, presenting them in a way where Dom can completely understand what he has to do and then finally correcting the problem !!!

The beta tester ( James ) and the Manufacturer ( Dom ), working in sync...A great working scenario... Only good things for the Future !!!

Bravo !!!!! James and Dom ... Bravo !!!

Hi rphillipchuk.

For what it's worth at this stage of my exploration......

I think overall it's an excellent package now. It's extremely flexible, bootsup fine every time and as a Giga file / VSTi HOST it works extremely well, and I really mean extremely well.

As an arranger the third party software (Live Arranger) runs very well too but there's just two things I'd like to see. The ability to transpose a track an octave (maybe it does this already but I haven't found it yet) and when changing the sound assigned to a track I don't think everything displayed is applicable to the Meidastation. Looks more like SD2 sounds as many don't work. You just hear the same sound when you change to other sounds.

The only thing I don't like is JACK handling of Midi Data. Note on/off data can get lost very easily when you do certain things like stop and start a HOST, or even with the arranger if you hold down a chord while pressing the transpose, note off data is lost for those keys you were holding down so any Chord you play from this point onwards will have those lost notes added to your chord until you press those lost notes and the note off data is sent.

So all in all right now it's hotting up to be one hell of a package and my only beef would be with JACK. Sadly that's a third party program.


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