And one more Question for James, how is the keybed of your mediastation ?

It's a Fatar keybed that feels quite nice actually. Semi Weighted with a solid feel. No bounce in the middle when you hit the keys hard. At no point does it feel floppy at all.

The velocity curve of the keys is also fully adjustable from the Lionstracs OS. You can actually draw your own curve on the screen using all the sliders. Once completed you can then save that as a user setting which you can recall at any time.

For me I've created two user profiles for the velocity curve at this point. One with a deep dynamic range for when playing Piano, and a second for just general use. Something more typical of what you would find on a keyboard as a default setup.

It's a personal thing. I just like to have a very deep velocity curve when playing sounds like piano so I can get as much control over the dynamic range as possible.

One thing I need to figure out at a later point though is how to stop the keyboard defaulting back to the default velocity curve when I shut it down. When I bootup right now, I have to select my velocity curve settings on the screen.

Same goes for the master FX. That too defaults back to the factory setting.

Does the Groove have the same keybed quallity?

No idea, never played one and I don't know what model keybed is in both. Domenico would have to answer that one.


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