Originally posted by Diki:
My God! Maybe Dom actually had a plan...

Make the MS demos so bad that Tony would go and buy an Audya instead, then he wouldn't have had months, if not YEARS of listening to him whine about 'why isn't it finished yet?', 'why doesn't it work right?', 'why can't I understand it?', 'what's the countdown to the NEXT update?', 'why can't I figure out what is wrong with it even when everybody is telling me how to fix it?' ad nauseam...

Smart move, Dom..!

Diki..you seem always only frustrated..
hey...is NOT my fault IF Roland dont have released your new TOTL arranger and Ketron not released the OS4.0..
For you Roland released the new Gaia..to MUCH for you..

IF where some NEWS on the musikmesse, we will know already today...but you see??
always the same...change the box..inside remain the same soup..
State-of-the art...com on..dont make me laugh...need another 5-10 years untill they arrival on my state..