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Right, and who do you think prepares Lionstracs software and provides the ISO packages?

And if you bothered to check the 64 Studio website you would see that Lionstracs is STILL listed as a partner.

Why dont you check YOUR facts. It is Kubuntu on a Studio 64 (or 64 Studio)distro...

64 studio prepare all of Lionstracs
software and provide the ISO packages.

An apology will be welcome anytime

Go fight your war somewhere else and first check the lionstracs website.. before demanding appologies that are not in place.. those are my last words on this subject as not to derail this thread.

James is doing some great things here and providing the information everyone asked for, step by step.. just discuss the information James provides and this will be a great thread...

Sending James a mediastation might be the best investment dom ever did
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