Hey Tony, 90% of your problems were your own fault. We TOLD you what to do, and you refused to take our advice. Now you have reinstalled the data, what's your problem NOW? Other than of course, some kind of epic dissatisfaction with the whole thing. You did NO market research, no extensive playing before you bought it, and you want to blame somebody other than yourself. Best of luck, mate. There IS nobody else to blame.

Doesn't stop you, though, does it?

Problem is, your incessant posting of your self-induced problems spilled over onto just about every thread here, regardless of whether it had the slightest to do with Ketron or not. I would only LOVE to have been able to ignore you, but you made it your life's work to spread your misinformation and vitriol everywhere. It got tedious. It is STILL tedious.

Just go buy an MS. I can't think of anything that would be a better reward for having turned SZ into your personal venting arena than the nightmare of bug hell and completely misunderstood operation that you would face. It would almost be worth giving SZ up for, because you would be posting your despair and complete lack of comprehension on every thread here for years to come...

And I don't think I could take that any more...
An arranger is just a tool. What matters is what you build with it..!