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Dom: I did not know this could be done! Once I asked you if I could control all my keyboards from the MS via USB and you said no. May be you missunderstood me, you thought I wanted to connect the MS to my PC via USB. I connected my 3 keyboards and the NanoKontrol to the MS and linked them to the MS and among them in the Jack (MIDI tab) and now I don't need my PC any more. That's great! I'll try to save that patchbay and see if I don't have to do it manually every time. At least I don't have to start my PC anymore.
By the way I 'm surpised I didn't have to load any driver in the MS for my Korg TR, Pa500, NanoK and PSR. In Windows XP it didn't detect them without the drivers
This topic gave me an incentive to try new things with the MS.

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Remember me always for discovery of this option http://www.synthzone.com/ubbs/Forum37/HTML/020770.html ..........lol

Sometimes I discover things that even the designers of the product know nothing from it. my other trick to record a style with using different elements of different drum kits on roland keyboard on the same track and timing was a surprise for diki to.............lol

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