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And one last comment... What has Dom's beta testing been like, when James is reporting issue after issue in his MS? While I appreciate that Dom is doing his best to squash the bugs as he gets the reports from James, surely Dom should have known about these issues in the first place, and should have squashed them before the software is inflicted on the general user (some of whom will be FAR less technical and understanding than James is - hint hint, Tony! ). Once these things get in the hands of regular arranger players (after all, that's what you are saying it should be), these issues are going to be frustrating.


I have been watching before I throw my cap in, look Diki I know that you get a bit uptight with me, but be patience like I and others need to be. Diki,I donít always see eye to eye with you but on this one I agree 1000% that Dom does not appear to have done a good job on the MS and I would compare that with ***** , Diki their all from the same family, you kick one and they will all limp! They are all basically ice-cream makers who have read practical electronic as kids. Dom is hedging his bets on James, but you know James has managed to stay in business without Dom and the MS, and will do in the future. My problem is, will James have enough time to devote to the exercise, I would think not, but James must answer that. He started off in all gusto of a racing driver, with some DVDs that looked like things were really going to take off, but now its gone silent, for me, I would want a few £1000.00 pounds to do Dom R&D, testing and advertising. For James to be finding bugs firms up what I said above, I donít want anyone who looks at SZ to get the wrong messages, but come on Diki, I will never buy another KB unless I can have it free for a year and then pay for it, or send it back. I certainly wonít be buying 300 Euros of Ice-cream!


Raspberry Ripple for me Diki, big bowl, no chocy bits for me, look like bugs!

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