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Jump to new posts Re: Tyros3 vs Tyros4 main differences? by cgiles @ 38 minutes 20 seconds ago

Still, if you solicit help and someone takes the time and effort to try an answer your questions, perhaps at least an acknowledgement might be in order. JMO. chas
General Arranger Keyboard Forum
Strange list alltogether.. Most of those models are out of production... I don’t know what the lost tries to proof? You want the best arranger? Compare the top models.. Seems these people have never even heard of Ketron.. If you want to be cons
General Arranger Keyboard Forum
Just remembered, one of mt Thomas organs, the Celebrity Royale had 2 61 not keybeds, a 32 note radial arced pedal board AND in between the keybeds...a Arpeggio/Glissando strip...worked superb. All you had to do is hold a chord and run your thumb acro
General Arranger Keyboard Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Okay........I'll share........ by john smies @ Today at 11:37 AM

Thanks once more I'm beginning to blush believe it or not🙂 Yes the missus was absolutely chuffed , so I gained some extra kudos there..... And although I am not particularly impressed by the original version of the Waterboys (which you probably c
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Jump to new posts Re: Ketron SD90 by synerjim @ Today at 11:37 AM

Yes, only few styles has 8 variations. I use registrations which includes modified styles including with the 8 variations. I don't use or create user styles as for me that's another step in the process.
General Arranger Keyboard Forum
Originally Posted By DonMBehringer has become a big-time player in the music industry in a fairly short time. If they make an arranger I would expect it to be well done and reasonably priced, as are most of their products. Behringer copies everyt
Technics Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: KN6000 are extra styles available? by RMepstead @ Today at 11:03 AM

Well done Gunnar - there was a time when you could find extra styles for Technics keyboards all over the internet. Nowadays very little. I convert styles designed for Korg; Yamaha; Roland; and Ketron these days which I find mainly on www.createsongst
General Arranger Keyboard Forum
Your very welcome... Tony M is amazing always impressed with him for years..
General Arranger Keyboard Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Whiskey River PA4X by DonM @ Today at 09:10 AM

Without doubt it would, but I don't want to do that. I can deal with it if it doesn't get worse.
General Arranger Keyboard Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Playing Split Keyboard Fundamentals by cgiles @ Today at 09:09 AM

Need a cheap board to do what Tony was demo-ing? The Studiologic NC2x is perfect for split-keyboard playing. It has a very good AP and a GREAT acoustic bass (which can be coupled with a 'ride' hit. Or, substitute a 'Rhodes' for the AP as in Tony's
General Arranger Keyboard Forum
Tongue’n Cheek on looking for a GW-8. Always thought Roland should have brought the “E” series sounds over to the “G” series. Strange marketing move from my perspective.
General Arranger Keyboard Forum
Gary - interesting about the sunglasses. Are there any particular 'specifications' they need to have - is Polaroid the brand, or a 'feature' they need to have (blocking certain wavelengths etc.)? If I could get prescription glasses with the 'right'
Wanted To Buy & Sell
Jump to new posts Thanks by Dnj @ Today at 05:59 AM

Thank you
General Arranger Keyboard Forum
Jump to new posts Re: how is YOUR hearing? take this test by Bill Lewis @ Today at 05:57 AM

What did you say ? Only kidding but I've noticed a dropoff in my hearing too. And my euesight and,, lets stop there. It can be a variety of reasons even as simple as not resting enough. Need to see an MD for a better answer.
General Arranger Keyboard Forum
The Bar
Jump to new posts Re: South Dakota‘s trans youth get asylum in Germany by tassiespirit @ Today at 04:42 AM

Originally Posted By CrossoverYou‘re right, it‘s always better to stay unemotional and matter-of-fact. However, I remember some discussions on Facebook in which I just coudn‘t stay calm: Another intersex woman I know from Facebook had given an
General Arranger Keyboard Forum
Reading these posts brings it all back on Roland prelude...
General Arranger Keyboard Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Can you add styles to a kn6000? by Dnj @ Today at 02:31 AM

Originally Posted By The SaintHi Donny, Try Bill Norrie's site on Technics forum,plenty there for most models, thanks to "generous Bill" Ray Hi,.. Thank you for the fantastic information on Technics keyboards they really dropped the b
General Arranger Keyboard Forum
Jump to new posts Re: My latest acquisition..... by Mark79100 @ Yesterday at 10:34 PM

By coincidence, I've been trying to buy Logitech computer speakers for a few months now. Unfortunately, they only have 1 or 2 models in the store and NONE on working display. If you all think the Z623 speakers win the computer speaker wars then I'll
General Arranger Keyboard Forum
The Technology is just too old... Not for me..
General Arranger Keyboard Forum
Jump to new posts Re: PSR styles vs Band in a box by rikkisbears @ Yesterday at 03:49 PM

Originally Posted By saxxman Hi Rikki - sorry for the delay - I have not tried using MIDI on BIAB... I just rely on the RealTracks. Love those things. I have used the VSTs on occasion, but it's much simpler for me to just select everything from the
General Arranger Keyboard Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Theme From Exodus by MusicalMemories @ Yesterday at 10:31 AM

Thanks for the comments, on to work with the next song.
General Arranger Keyboard Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Don M song moved here Rainy Night in Georgia by saxxman @ Yesterday at 08:29 AM

As always, super work Don! Love your playing and singing style!
General Arranger Keyboard Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Korg PA TECHNICALLY Better than Yamaha PSR-SX900? by saxxman @ Yesterday at 08:16 AM

I love both Korg and Yammie… Jeremy does tend to waffle a lot... here is a video he did 2 months after he posted the video posted above. In this video he lists 7 reasons he favors the Yamaha... Like most things today, beauty is in the e
General Arranger Keyboard Forum
Jump to new posts Re: New Toy by Uncle Dave @ Yesterday at 07:58 AM

More "normal" demo ....
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