I also love your optimism that there will EVER be a freeware soundset for the MS that rivals the closed one. Let's face it, Yamaha have probably spent MILLIONS over the years honing and developing the soundset they have now in a T3. Making these things is NOT an easy process. It's VERY expensive and difficult to do.

Thats exactly why Lionstracs and open labs systems are the future..

Yamaha refuses to be inovative...They have the technology and the financial means to create keyboard instruments far beyound what they develope today. but they refuse to take the next step in innovation and choose for the safety of what they have allways produced.

While this seems save, it opens up teritority for companies that otherwise would have had no chance, and those necomers will in the end take a huge share of Yamaha's own market, thats how big time economics have allways worked. Be innovative or die (US car industry is a good example of this)

Running NI Kompletet on Mediastation puts the good old Yamaha instruments the class of thin and frail instruments.

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