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sorry...my mistake.
"default" files are the basic setup presets, because need min 1 file configuration on each directory or the OS not work.

For the auto loading preset give a different name but I dont remember how must be written.
I try to search myself on the source code but I can not find. I don't have skill for writing CC+ code, I have to ask to my developer.
This is a 5 years old features and I relly don't remember how must working.
Right now my developer is to much busy for the Rack 2U VASIO firmware to debug, when have time will let me know what is the right name to save.

No worries, I can live with having to load the two default settings manually each time I bootup until it's fixed.

The COMBI mode bug would be kind of important though as that directly effects your ability to use it in a live situation. You just don't know what your going to get when you select a sound.

Actually, just thinking out loud here, is the problem there due to the fact that the program and variation information is not being written into the file ? If that all that's wrong with it I can write my own program that patches the file and that will tie me over until it's fixed.

I might even write a librarian editor for the keyboard. The file structure looks simple enough so it would be easy enough to write something for it that allows anyone to quickly organise and move around their sounds. For example, take layer 1 from one sound and mix it with layer 4 from another and merge them both together into a new sound and so on.

Just some patience...you there have a lot of time to test first the Audya OS4...


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