At this stage I've done enough with the Gigasampler function that I can comment on it with confidence. The way the system is setup you can copy your giga files to a folder on the internal hard disk and then assign them to Program so that the Giga sounds are displayed on the screen much like a factory sound would appear on a typical keyboard.

So after you import them calling up a sound is as complicated as touching the Progarm sound just like you do on any touch screen keyboard, or you can press the button besude the name as you do on normal non touch screen keyboards. It's quite an odd feeling actually to be able to navigate Giga libraries in this manner as it makes them very much like every day use files regardless of their size. It also makes no difference what library each file is from, they can all be placed into the same Progarm banks and navigated as if they where just normal workstation sounds.

I've imported all of Symphony Of Voices and the average size of a program sound is 32MB. The delay between changing sounds is actually WAY faster than a KORG as the effects don't get cut off and the actual loading of the file when you select the program sound is only a fraction of a second. Too short to time actually.

For larger files, currently the biggest file I've tested is a 489MB file (A Classical Harp)and that loads in just under one second. So that makes even very large giga files feel like your just throwing around typical factory sounds on a typical keyboard, only you obviously have the far superior sound due to the size.

The master effects consists of Chorus, Reverb and Echo. They are always available and routing sounds to them as simple as adjusting the send value in your program followed by pressing enter to save the changes. Much like you do on a normal keybaord too. If you want more effects outside the basics then you need to launch a VST effects plugin of your choice.

So that's the Gigasampler function. It's dead easy to operate, navigating sounds once they are imported is no different than working with a typical workstation. Loading times are super fast even for large files. The effects don't cut off so typically changing sounds is seamless.

More to come on other systems.


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