Originally posted by Diki:
Unfortunately, I think Dennis provided that, here at least. He's a sophisticated arranger user, and tried to get it to work as a gigging arranger to the best of his ability. No luck...

I doubt I would succeed where he failed.

But if Dom's got another B-Stock lying around, I'd be happy to give it the old school try...

Yes indeed, as an arranger it just did not stack up. And I notice on the screen shots, the arranger section looks like it still has no option for on-bass, or slash chords...

I have always, always, ALWAYS said it is a super keyboard, great keybed, good sound quality, a super VST and Giga sample machine, great for playing backing MP3s etc etc,

It was JUST the arranger section, oh , and some flaky audio software and the bloody performance section (thats where it was supposed to take a "snapshot" of the entire setup to be recalled at a gig or later) that kept freezing the entire OS everytime you tried to load on, that turned me off it.

As I said way earlier in this thread, if these issues have been addressed in the latest models, I may even consider buying one again.

As a request to James, I wonder if you can load up the Irish Grand ans see how it goes?

And if it still has it, the performance saving and recalling.