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Hi James
IF you will recall automatically all your own setups, like FX, velocity curve and so on..just save your own setup with the name: default
Every time that you booting or restart the players, the OS will automatically load the all " default" setups.

Hi Domenico.

Sorry but that still doesn't work for me. I've overwritten the “default” setting for both the velocity curve and the reverb but it's still not loading those settings on bootup.

The velocity curve displayed after bootup are not my settings. So I still have to load the progarm “default” after it boots to get it to load my velocity curve.

It's a little different with the reverb effects though. After bootup it does display my settings, but what I hear is not my settings. So I run load the default program and only then does it actually sound like it should.

So there's something a little odd going on there that's not normal.


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