I find it interesting that NOW Dom is willing to acknowledge issues with OS3, whereas, at the time, not a word...

Kind of makes you wonder what is going on NOW, that won't be acknowledged until further down the line...

As always, with this thing, the first question is, why is anyone astounded at how good the sounds can be? We've had VSTi's, GIGAsampler and large sample libraries for YEARS now, and most of us could have run them on quite modest home PC's for ourselves. And, if we did, we might have a better idea of the technical expertize you need to be able to set up and keep running a complex virtual instrument rig. Upon which, probably 99% of the people here would decide that what they already have is quite good enough, thank you very much, and if they need that degree of sound accuracy at home for recording, do it on the computer they already have..!

James has still not even scratched the surface of how to turn this thing into an arranger, the workload we would all face to do that, and tweak the styles to a level noticeably better than a decent TOTL arranger. And, in all fairness, this being an ARRANGER forum, not a virtual instrument one (plenty of those with VERY knowledgeable members if anyone cares to look), I am still rather more concerned with the MS's application as an arranger than a VSTi playback machine.

I am still wondering just what percentage of members here, once they finally understand the degree of knowledge you need (James makes it look easy, but he has YEARS of experience with VSTi's and computer rigs to call upon) to make all this stuff happen, are anything more than just academically interested in this thing?

Especially in the knowledge that, should you actually LIKE some of these sounds, you already have a computer quite capable of playing them...

This is an amazing keyboard, but don't fool yourselves. It only will sound its' best in the hands of someone intimately familiar with computer music production, like James (definitely NOT like anyone Dom has ever hired to demo it!), and just how many of us really think we fit that bill? I doubt there's ONE of us willing to hoe this road just for a great set of Uillean Pipes

BTW, if those winds are out for Akai S1000, those samples easily fit the much larger RAM sizes of a T3 or PA2Xpro (or quite possibly the Audya, too)... Don't forget, quite a few of you already HAVE the technology to play many of these kinds of sounds in what you have NOW. If you haven't availed yourself of the opportunity to use the technology in what you currently own, what makes you think that you are likely to want to do even MORE work to make an even MORE complex keyboard like this do them?

Surely the Audya ought to have made apparent to much of us here that gear lust, without a VERY skeptical attitude towards whether we actually have the smarts to make something that complex run well, can be a very dangerous and expensive thing?
An arranger is just a tool. What matters is what you build with it..!