James, this is a message from my friend Paul...If you email him ,he has a Korg question..

Fran Carango advised me to contact you regarding a Korg product from the past. He stated that you could possibly shed some light on the subject.
I have a Pa1x keyboard 76 keys. I also have a Korg O1W module. I am trying to make a backup of the combinations and programs from the O1W. I need to replace the battery and I know I will lose all the data once the battery is pulled. Can you suggest the best thing to do???
In the past I had a bad experience with someone who claimed he knew what to do regarding saving the data. It of course didn't work. When the battery was pulled I lost all my set-ups and it took weeks to reprogram everything back. I don't want to go through that again no matter what.. Please let me know if you can help. My email address is: paulkasper@verizon.net
Thanks. Paul Kasper